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The white wolf's paws carry her effortlessly through the snow-laden forest as she races her young friend. He is fast, but winter is her season; snow her element. While his red-brown fur stands out boldly against the crisp white, she blends in seamlessly.
She leaps gracefully over a fallen tree and changes her course, heading toward the setting sun and its dazzling display of color. Her friend is now struggling to keep up. She runs faster, her heart pounding and lungs beginning to burn. She looks back over her shoulder and, as expected, her friend is gone from her view. She laughs out loud, her playful yips dancing through the trees. She has won this race.
The darkness of night arrives sooner than expected, and the sky is now inky black. There are no stars, no moon. Confused, the white wolf begins to slow down, looking upward and around. Her friend should have caught up to her by now.
Suddenly the cries of a wolf in agony echo all around her. The sound stops her in her tracks and she whirls around, searching for the source of the yelps. The darkness is like a black curtain, surrounding her on all sides. She whines as the yelps abruptly cease with the sound of crunching bones.
She scours the darkness, fear quickly setting in, and growls low in her throat. There is evil in this forest, and she realizes with dread that she is its prey.
She braces herself to fight as she spots movement in the blackness. Two golden eyes glow before her, familiar and yet foreign. She tentatively sniffs the air, and her nostrils are overwhelmed with the scent of blood.
The eyes slowly rise far above her and a shadow steps forward, snarling like a wolf but standing as a man. Its hands and jowls are soaked with blood. The white wolf cowers in terror and her muscles freeze, her eyes locked on the monster's. She whimpers loudly, unable to tear her gaze away.
The monster lets out a deafening roar and lunges for her throat, and the white wolf's dying screams echo through the forest.
This is the opening of a book I'm working on. The main character, a lycan named Adam, has this nightmare several times throughout the story.

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warsol12343 Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2013
huh good thing it's a dream I guess
Johnithan-Walters Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2013
Very interesting, keep it up; it looks like it will be rather interesting.
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